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Loan Closings

The process of closing a loan may have several steps, but we have the experience to accurately complete each step. From conducting a title examination to preparing documents to communicating effectively with all parties involved in the transaction, we will ensure that all the boxes are checked for your lenders and the transaction is completed smoothly and efficiently.

Title Searches

Before the real estate transaction is finalized, we will examine any restrictions, encroachments, easements or other issues pertaining to the property. We will prepare an overview of any existing mortgages, liens, or judgements that need to be settled before closing.


After reviewing all of the documents, we issue a final opinion on the title and make a payment to the title company. We will then disburse all of the funds involved in the transaction, including brokerage fees, homeowner's insurance premiums, inspection fees, county taxes, seller's proceeds, and attorney's fees.

Deed Preparation

Our firm can prepare an accurate real estate deed that will prevent any title confusions or ambiguities from arising in the future. With over 14 years of experience in deed preparation, you can trust that the deed we prepare will be professional, accurate, and effective.

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Helping Title Companies and Signing Agencies in West Virginia Since 2007

The Law Offices of Robert Alan Milner has proudly served individuals and businesses throughout West Virginia for over 14 years. We have successfully closed loans and real estate deals for both local and national title companies and signing agencies. All of our closers are NNA certified, we have current E&O insurance, and everyone on our team are up-to-date background investigations. We handle all aspects of residential real estate closings, so call us today to get started.

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